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What is an x-ray scan?

An x-ray is one of our most common diagnostic procedures. An x-ray uses short wavelength ionizing radiation that can penetrate solid body masses, to give us images of bones, cartilage, blood vessels, and organs. Our specially trained radiologists minimize exposure so that no radiation remains afterward.

How to prepare for an x-ray scan

You do not need to change your normal routine prior to your exam.

When you arrive to the clinic, once taken to the x-ray exam room you will be asked to undress the area of your body that needs examination. Depending on the parts of the body that will be x-rayed, you may need to remove jewelry or any other metallic accessories.

X-ray exams are most often used as a baseline image to check for medical problems, such as broken bones. They also are used to diagnose conditions such as, skeletal abnormalities, infection, arthritis, bone cancer, lung cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, enlarged heart, digestive tract issues, or finding the presence of foreign objects.

Is an x-ray exam painful?

X-ray scans are completely painless and involve no direct patient-equipment contact. Our patients can expect a quick, comfortable, easy experience with the help of our trained technologists.

What can an x-ray scan detect?

An x-ray scan can detect the following:

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