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Want to do procedures but don’t have the facility or equipment? Do it at PRIME Medical! We have a wide array of facilities you can use!

Doctors :

Are you a skilled doctor seeking exceptional facilities and cutting-edge equipment for procedures? Look no further than PRIME Medical. Our prestigious establishment offers an extensive array of meticulously designed and fully equipped spaces to accommodate your practice. From advanced operating theaters to specialized treatment rooms, our state-of-the-art facilities provide the perfect environment to deliver exceptional patient care. Join our esteemed network of medical professionals and unlock the potential of your practice at PRIME Medical. Experience the pinnacle of professionalism, convenience, and excellence in healthcare.

Ultrasound Guided Biopsies:

Experience precision and minimal invasiveness with our ultrasound-guided biopsies. Our expert team uses advanced ultrasound technology to precisely target and obtain tissue samples for accurate diagnoses.


Our state-of-the-art fluoroscopy services provide real-time, dynamic imaging to assist in various medical procedures. Trust PRIME Medical for high-quality, radiation-guided imaging to enhance diagnosis and treatment.

Endoscopy Tower with Scopes:

Explore our cutting-edge endoscopy tower equipped with a range of specialized scopes. Our facility ensures exceptional visual clarity and maneuverability, enabling our medical professionals to perform detailed examinations and procedures with precision.

Operating Theatre:

PRIME Medical's advanced operating theatre is designed for surgical excellence. Our sterile, high-tech environment is where skilled surgeons perform procedures with utmost precision, ensuring patient safety and optimal outcomes.

Procedure Room:

In our dedicated procedure room, we provide a comfortable and controlled setting for various medical interventions. Expect top-tier equipment and a skilled medical team to deliver safe and effective procedures tailored to your needs.

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